When you start to slow down in a noisy world you begin to feel a homecoming within yourself. You also begin to feel which things in life feel off and are no longer working for you.

The world is constantly telling you what to value, what is expected of you, what success looks like, and what to strive after. This feels wrong though and doesn’t sit well with you. You are so tired of chasing the shiny objects and being someone you aren’t….you’d rather chase slow and simple.

The more you unplug from the noisy world, the clearer your own vision, values, and Why become. You realize your values are pretty different from the values of the world, but with time you accept this of yourself, no longer beating yourself up for it.

You give yourself permission to want something different and realize it’s actually okay too. With loads of self-acceptance, self-trust, courage, and grace, you begin to take one wobbly step at a time carving out a path that feels like yours….a life that feels like home.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but you know things that are beautiful and truly matter take time to plant, water, nurture and sustain. And because you have your vision and values at the forefront of your mind and planted in your heart, all that isn’t life-giving or supporting the vision you have for your life is let go of or passed by.

You’re in this for the long run and you’re learning how to aim for progress rather than perfection, while celebrating your small wins along the way. It’s not easy and there are plenty of struggles and self-doubt that pop up along the way while carving out a path that feels like home, but it sure is worth it.