What would it feel like if we didn’t have to try so hard? If we didn’t have to try to manifest anything? If we didn’t try to control everything on the outside and to make it look the way we think it “should” look?

No amount of manipulation externally will ever fix what needs to be mended and healed internally. Having trust and faith in Life isn’t always easy, but it is something that we can work on and with time we will find ourselves relying more on our creator than ourselves.

We can practice allowing life and our desires to naturally happen and flow to us, rather than chasing and grasping or sitting in a state of perpetual anxiety and worry. What is meant for you will always come, even if it feels like it may never arrive….it will on it’s own time.

If we look back on life, we can see that this has always been true. 
You’ll never have to chase or cling onto something that is truly good for you. Let it go and if it returns it was always meant for you. And if it doesn’t? Well, then something far greater will take its place.