Maybe it’s not quite as simple as blaming it on bad timing. Sometimes relationships end. Sometimes someone walks out the door and sometimes we walk out the door. Sometimes the person your dating doesn’t want to fully commit. Or they aren’t ready for a relationship. Maybe they just got out of a relationship or they got offered their dream job and moved away or they are too busy and want to prioritize work….and the reasons of why it’s SUCH bad timing continue.

But if we think about it, is it really bad timing or perhaps it’s just not the right person….maybe it’s not YOUR person? Because if it’s your person the timing won’t be off. They will find the time, energy, money, effort, feelings, commitment, whatever it takes to be with you and you will find the same to be with them.

Remember anything that is truly good and healthy for us will never pass us by.

So we can stop blaming it on timing. We don’t need to torture ourself with “what if’s” or “if only’s.”

“Rather we can trust all that is meant for us will come our way without forcing, controlling or trying to change what is.”

And this naturally applies to all areas of life, not just relationships….