Feeling our feelings can be downright terrifying, so often we do whatever we can to not feel the uncomfortable ones and avoid pain. We all have a certain degree of addictions or distractions that we use to avoid these uncomfortable feelings or thoughts.

We create schedules that are jammed pack. We work 60+ hours a week. We focus on our health and obsess over calories and how many workouts we squeezed in. We have a couple glasses of wine every night to take the edge off. We create chaos. We read piles of self-help books to try to figure out what’s wrong with us. We shop to have our wardrobes and homes filled with the latest trends. We change our jobs, locations, partners, homes, cars, and wardrobes. We do whatever we possibly can to not feel and be with ourselves.

But there are problems with this way of living. When we aren’t present and feeling our “negative” emotions, we are incapable of feeling the more positive ones. Unfortunately, we can’t choose which ones we numb and which ones we feel. The degree and depth that we experience one emotion is how we experience them all.

This is why it’s so important we become aware of our addictions and the sneaky way we can justify them. Just because it looks “healthy” and is accepted by society doesn’t mean it is good for us and our well-being. We must take the time to question “why” we do what we do and we can have an honest look at our life to see the fruits we bear and the results of our choices.

In a world that teaches us to numb, distract, pop pills, hook up, purchase, consume, be entertained, upgrade, just do or buy something to distract yourself, you may feel like the odd one out when choosing a different way of living. This is why leaning into our emotions is the path for the brave. The vulnerable. And the authentic.