I remember when I was 18 years old I bought a book titled “why we think the way we do” or maybe it was “why we act the way we do”. Even at a young age I was interested in humanity and the behaviors and thoughts of people. ⁣

This hasn’t changed much as I am constantly examining my “why” behind my behaviors and helping others do the same. I know I’ve written about this like a million times before, but I think it is vital when walking a path of self-awareness and growth. ⁣

When working with my clients we dig deep and peel back layers to uncover our motivations. We need to do this so we can become aware of our patterns and figure out what is driving our choices. Without this we stay stuck in our patterns and behaviors and it’s incredibly difficult to break free from them without the awareness piece. And it is often painful staying stuck, even if it is familiar and comfortable to us. ⁣

Sometimes I take a peak back into my past and I can see so clearly what was driving my choices before. It was a need of acceptance or love. Or often it was fear, insecurity and needing external validation.

When we become clear of these patterns and our motivations then we can finally discover what it is that we desire and need deep down. We understand what is truly good for us on a mind, body, and spirit level and what is harming us. We discover what actually gives us life and what drains and depletes our being. ⁣

This doesn’t happen overnight, but with lots of patience, self-compassion, and grace we can make changes in our life that supports our vision. ⁣