I started my thirsty quest for truth in my teens. Probably even before that.

After some years organized religion was no longer working for me and my early 20’s turned into a mixture of partying, boys, shopping, exercising, addictions to staying busy and numbing any feelings that would arise.  A time for making mistakes, self-discovery, and distracting myself as much as possible. Let’s just say I was as unintentional as it gets.

This brings me up to my late 20’s to the age of 35, a span of about 7 years. During this period, I would proudly label myself a personal development/spiritual junkie. I consumed anything I could get my hands on.


I had piles of self-help books I was reading and trying to digest at one time, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, retreats, and programs, hiring healers and coaches, and spending most of my money, time, and energy on these sorts of things. I felt like I couldn’t learn fast enough, but in the meantime I wasn’t giving myself the time to actually digest the information or even LIVE life. I was feeling more and more out of the sorts and ungrounded.

Although there were fleeting moments of peace and joy, I still felt the same familiar feelings come up and same familiar patterns and situations arise in my life. I started feeling something “off” deep down and from past experiences I knew I needed to pay attention to that.

So I dropped it all. I was craving simplicity and a slow rich meaningful life. And my life felt overwhelming, hectic, busy and stressful.

As I slowly let go of all the spiritual practices and teachings, I have fallen more into my humanness. I feel like I’ve come home. I’ve returned to where I started. I’m soaking up my aliveness and falling deeper into being me and connecting with our Creator. And nothing else. I’m keeping things real and simple.

I’m feeling my feelings. I’m exploring with feeling, art, writing, body movement and activities that I’ve always adored. I’m being more vulnerable and open in my relationships and focusing on deep and meaningful connections. I’m healing my past wounds and childhood pains. I’m no longer trying to save the world. I’m keeping things real with both feet firmly planted on the ground. These months my experience with Life has felt softer and simpler. It feels cozier and just the way it needs to be.

Consequently, I have fallen into a more simple and slow way of living. I have let go of the excess to create ‘white space’ for the people and experiences that bring me life and are good for my spirit. I have found that when we slow down we give our bodies and hearts time to heal and restore, and we can design a simple life to create, play, connect, and dream.

My work is to guide you back to simplicity….to your sensitivity, feelings, aliveness, authenticity, and humanness. To back home. To your core. To life.