Intentional living is what I strive to do and in order to live a life of intentionality and integrity it’s necessary to consistently ask myself ‘why?’ What are my intentions? What is driving my choices? Essentially, why do I choose what I choose? (I know pretty deep stuff here, right?).

I enjoy the journey of digging deep and peeling back the layers protecting my fragile heart. I do not always like what I find though. I do not like to see that I have insecurity, pain, unworthiness or wounds leading the way. That even after all of this inner work, I still am imperfect and flawed and my insecurities run the show more often than not. ⁣

But for me, this is the only way I really know how to live. I must keep asking the hard questions and digging deep knowing that I’m going to find unworthiness, the root cause of family pain, old wounds, and material that is just plain uncomfortable to deal with. ⁣

Although this is not an easy journey, this is the only way I know if my values ​​and priorities are aligned with my actions and decisions. And if they are not, no matter how much I may justify an action, decision, or belief, I can feel when something is off and I am fooling myself. My sensitivity always knows and can sense when there is a disconnect between the decisions I make and what is truly good for me. And this I have learned to trust (well…it’s a work in progress). ⁣

          “Our choices matter more than we think. We may look at our day to day                                lives and we do not think much about why we are doing what we do. But          
                    these seemingly insignificant choices create our days, our weeks, our months,                    our years, and basically our lives.”

Most of the time we operate on auto-pilot and react to life without questioning or putting much thought into things, rather than responding to life and intentionally choosing what is life-affirming.

Gift yourself a moment to pause today and reflect on your intentions and the choices you make. Especially those areas in life that are always a constant struggle. What is leading the way in those areas of life? What is driving your choices? Get brutally honest with yourself and bravely ask the difficult questions. You can do hard things. ⁣