Years ago when I would imagine what my ideal day would look like, I would dream of having a slow morning. One where I could eat a healthy breakfast and have time to prepare it. Where I could get in some body movement that feels good to me. Maybe I would journal, read a book, listen to an inspiring podcast or simply lay in bed for an extra few minutes (or hours 😬). But mostly what I was longing for was a morning where I didn’t have to rush around and hurry off to a job I didn’t necessarily love.

Life has changed a lot since then. Thanks to the time difference to the States, I do have lots of space in my mornings to do these things. I also am doing work that I love and where I’m using my gifts and strengths.

I can be hard on myself often and think I should be further along than what I actually am. But then when I sit here and reflect on where I was even a few short years ago, I think of all the progress I have made. It hasn’t happened overnight and the things that truly matter don’t. They take time, commitment and faith. A knowing that if it’s for you, it will happen with time. And having a deep trust that it’s on the way.