The other evening I was on a call with a client (who happens to be an amazing human being) and at the end she was telling me with a joy-filled voice how working with me has changed her life. ⁣

Of course I was filled to the brim with happiness and gratitude to have the opportunity to guide her, but really she’s the one who did all the hard work. I was just there as an encourager and supporter. I was rooting for her and reminding her that she too deserves nice things. ⁣

She said she never would be where she is now without choosing differently and breaking old patterns. This is the part I was super excited to hear! Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (prob like 743 more times), but our choices do matter. All of them. Everything between the foods we eat to the people we choose to date. Each and every one of them impacts our life more than we realize….even those tiny choices that seem insignificant. ⁣

You can tell a lot about your belief system and how much you value yourself by the choices you make. So where can you choose differently in life? If you truly valued yourself what would you choose for yourself or walk away from? ⁣

If we are rooted in self-worth we will see it in the way we talk to ourselves, our health, the foods we consume, our relationships, the boundaries we have in place, the activities we partake in, how we treat our bodies and pretty much every other area of our life.