I’m a big fan of seasonal living (we are nature after all) and purposefully crafting a weekly rhythm for each season of the year. My summer routines, habits, and priorities are pretty different from my current winter ones. ⁣

During these winter months, my morning routine is much slower (hard to imagine but it actually CAN get slower), and instead of jumping straight out of bed, I stay under the warm toasty blankets while I enjoy a chapter or two out of a book I’m currently enjoying. Winter is a time to hibernate. It’s a time to rest, limit the number of social events (harder than it sounds in a place like Malaga), get crafty and dive into creative projects, stay in on a Saturday evening and cook and dance in the kitchen, and putter around like it’s my job. Winter is a time to give yourself permission to slow way down. ⁣

Nature has a different rhythm during each season and if we tune in and are aware of our own needs, we can see that we have our own seasons and cycles as well. I’m a believer that we can’t do all the things at once. BUT we can do many things in different seasons of our life. ⁣

Seasonal living feels more natural to me….like I’m going with nature, rather than going against it. There are seasons of hustle, seasons of struggle, seasons of healing, and seasons of rest. These seasons last as little or as long as they need to. Sometimes these seasons choose us, and sometimes we choose them. None of them are better than the others. Each of them are an integrate part of life, and each of us finds ourselves in all of them at some point in life. ⁣