When we have an honest look at our life, we see areas where we aren’t practicing self-worth and we know this when we have a look at our choices and the types of fruits they bear. We see where we are settling for crumbs. Where our spirit is wanting more, but we still are putting up with less. ⁣

We can see the quality of our worthiness, by looking at the choices we make. Where are we settling? Where could we raise the bar? Where is our inner-voice whispering “no, not this” yet we continue to ignore it? ⁣

Self-worth is something felt and experienced in our core and heart, and not something we can acquire with affirmations, buying new clothes, receiving recognition, being in a relationship, earning 6 figures a year, or getting that promotion. That is only temporary and we will always be looking for the next thing when that high wears off.⁣

Self-worth is realizing that we don’t need to have or be or do anything to be enough. Simply being alive and being you in all of your imperfect and messy ways is plenty.