Success. This word pops up a lot in our culture. We strive to be successful without even questioning what the word actually means to us. The world has given us it’s own definition of success, but lately I’ve been pondering a bit about what it means to me.

A successful like means something entirely different to me now than it did years ago (funny how we change like that). Before I’m sure it would have more to do with my bank account, status, the size of my home, the fancy vacations, the car I drive, and the label on my clothes. Today it looks much different to me. Having a successful life is more about the feeling I have in my day to day life, than anything else.

A successful life is living in accordance to my values. It’s living a life of integrity…where my words, actions, behaviors and dreams are aligned with my deepest core values.

It’s doing the work I am meant to be doing in the world…offering my small gift and showing up as the imperfect person I am, while carving out time for connection with my loved ones.

It’s accepting myself fully….my imperfections, shortcomings, flaws, wounds, all of it, and showing up in the world as this imperfect yet still lovable human.

It’s knowing that I’m operating at my highest level of knowledge and just doing the best I can with what I have and what I know. I accept that I’ll mess up, make mistakes, and slip, but this is all part of the process. There is no such thing as perfection.

I can imagine if I’m asked about success during the last hours of my life, my answer will not have anything to do with what I own, what I’ve accomplished, or how much I earned. But more about the kind of person I was.

Did I treat others and myself with kindness and compassion?

Did I live with integrity, where my beliefs, words and actions are aligned?

Did I courageously offer my gifts to the world and allow others to see the unedited version of me?

Did I go after my dreams and co-create the life I longed for?

Did I carve out space for the things that truly mattered to me…my values, priorities and intentions?

Did I bravely forge my own path and live a life that felt like mine?

Did I make time to foster and cultivate a strong connection with my loved ones?

Did I learn and grow from my mistakes and become a better person because of them?

Did I enjoy the mundane marvels that actually made up my one precious life?

Did I love easily?

Did I forgive easily?

Did I show up daily operating at my best?

Of course, I don’t really know what I’ll define as a successful life those last hours of my life until I’m there. But I will continue striving to live a life where I can answer yes to these questions.

What does living a successful life look like for you? I’d love to know!