For anyone who has been following me over the past few years has probably noticed that my  work and what I’m writing about has changed significantly. Sometimes it even shocks me how much I’ve outgrown some ideas and beliefs that I was previously so passionate about and how I have organically grown into some others that feel more supportive and life-giving, and actually, feels more like home to me.

Since my work has changed so much, I wanted to share with you the foundation or what I call the 5 pillars of my work. You can find these 5 themes or pillars run through the majority of my work and my offers that I share with you.

During this next year, I have a 1:1 program and group program that I’ll be launching. Also, starting in June I’ll be offering an ebook/guide of each of the 5 pillars to give you the opportunity to dip your toes in a bit and see what it would be like to work with me. This is all really exciting for me and I can’t wait to share it with you during these next months.

So what are the 5 pillars I’ve mentioned above? They are essentially the foundation of all my work I put out into the world. After working with lots of different women these are the themes that have popped up continuously, and it’s also what was required of me to cut through all the noise so I could carve a path that feels like home while falling a bit deeper in love with life as well.

I have found that whether a woman comes to me for her well-being, relationships, career/work, or simply because she wants to live more intentionally and slow down a bit, we typically touch each of these pillars even if we spend a bit more time delving deep into one or two of them.

Here are the 5 pillars. They are not necessarily listed in order of importance, but I would say they build on each other as we me move through each one.

  • Acceptance: This pillar is the first one since it’s all about self-awareness (necessary for any kind of change to occur) and getting to know yourself on a deeper level. During this pillar, you will get clear on your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck or in painful situations. You will learn how to accept yourself little by little (yes, even those weaknesses and imperfections), cultivate self-compassion, and even plant seeds of self-worth and value.


  • Sensitivity: If the first pillar is about knowledge, this one is about trusting yourself and taking action. Once you start slowing down, decluttering your life and cutting through the noise, you begin recognizing and feeling what is off and not right in your life…this is a good thing. Once you identify those things you can start moving towards what brings you life and what supports your life vision. Confidence and courage are also cultivated in this pillar by bravely trusting yourself and taking action.


  • Nourishment: The pace of the world seems to be getting faster and faster. We can carve out a different path and learn how to take care of and prioritize our mind, body, and spirit. It’s okay to slow down and build something different. Your health really does matter. It helps us show up to our commitments, our loved ones, our dreams, and our life with more energy, gusto, clarity, and so on. Essentially, it’s the foundation for everything.


  • Curation: This pillar is all about intentionally carving out a path that is aligned with your values….a life that feels like home. During this pillar, you will get clear on your goals, values, and priorities of this season of life. You will craft a life vision that supports, nourishes, and inspires you, and learn how to celebrate the small steps and be an advocate for yourself along the way.


  • Connection: We are wired for connection, community, and the feeling we belong. Sometimes when we discover our values are different than societies, our families, or our friends, we can feel something is wrong with us. I assure you nothing is! This pillar is all about finding friends, a partner, and community who have similar values and who also are bravely carving out their own paths. During this pillar we will discuss intentional dating if you’re single, finding and fostering friendships in a new season of life, and learning how to communicate your needs and show up vulnerably in your relationships.


As I evolve and grow, so does my work, but I do hope this has given you some more clarity on what it is I do.

Please feel free to reach out or ask any questions. I love receiving emails!