Sometimes I really struggle with feeling worthy or deserving when good things happen to me. Right at this moment, I am finding myself in a season where everything is going pretty smoothly and I have no real struggles. No, life isn’t perfect. Yes, I still have bad days or just moments where I don’t feel the best. But overall, life is working out and the feelings of joy and gratitude come naturally. ⁣

Even though I may experience a deep sense of gratitude in one moment, the very next there is a part of me that doesn’t feel deserving of the blessings. I question why these good things are happening when others, that are dear and close to me, have their own set of struggles. But then I remember, not so long ago, I too was struggling and life just felt hard. That every time I had a bit of hope and strength to pull myself up again, I was knocked back down questioning if Life was really on my side. ⁣

I remember turning to my loved ones and borrowing their immense faith and hope that they had in me and for my life. I couldn’t quite feel and experience it myself, but I knew they could and that was sometimes enough……sometimes. ⁣

“⁣I hope now others can borrow the faith and hope that I have for them and for their life. I hope you can see that everything will be okay. That anything that is truly good for you won’t pass you by. And for the space and void that is now existing in your life, I know the unknown is terrifying but something even better is on the way. You do deserve good things.⁣”

Maybe this is what we do…..borrow each other’s hope and faith in life for those times when we can’t find it ourselves. Maybe this is why we aren’t in the same season of life together. That we constantly move through them bearing gifts, lessons, hope, and encouragement to those that need them most. This is life though, full of ups and downs, while we clumsily move from one season to another. How lucky we don’t have to do it alone though. ⁣