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You feel exhausted and overwhelmed in a noisy world yanking and pulling you in one direction to another.

You are longing for more simplicity in all areas of life, because life just feels like too hard a lot of the time.

You feel anxious, stressed, burnt-out, and are looking for a way to live that feels more simple, slow and intentional. You are a deep questioner and often question if this is it to life.

You want to make choices that are life-giving and good for your mind, body, and spirit, but you often doubt yourself and struggle with self-trust.

You feel deeply and can easily feel when something is “off” and when you aren’t living your life with integrity.



  • Make decisions and choices that are life-giving and aligned with your values, and recognize more quickly when you aren’t
  • Learn how to connect to your intuition and use it as a guide to make decisions
  • Create healthy habits that are sustainable, simple, and nourishing
  • Cultivate self-compassion and learn how to speak more kindly toward yourself
  • Raise the bar in your life and recognize your innate worth amidst your imperfections
  • Create space for your well-being, adventure, relationships, and those things that matter most to you
  • Design a schedule (life) that feels like you and reflects your deepest core values and goals
  • Dive deeper into the richness, simplicity and beauty of Life



Planting Seeds 

  • 1-90 minute call
  • Guides for free
  • Email support for 2 weeks after call
  • Typed up notes from session with action steps

$75 (for first session only)

Nourishment: a 3 month program 

  • 2-60 minute calls per month
  • Self-study workbooks included
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Typed up notes after session

Monthly $150 or 3 months paid in full $420

Deeply Rooted: a 6 month program

  • two 60 minute calls per month
  • self-study workbooks included
  • email support in between sessions
  • typed up notes after session

Monthly $140 or 6 months paid in full $720

Create your own package

  • Use sessions at anytime with 2 weeks email support after each session.

4 sessions-$320


***I also offer in-person sessions in Malaga, Spain***


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Kelly Wojtaszek is a holistic life coach helping busy overwhelmed women discover their worth and create a more joyful, simple and healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about supporting women in the realms of well-being, holistic and intentional living, and creating a value-based lifestyle. She wants to help you fall deeper in love with your life, accept your imperfections and messiness, and infuse your life with more beauty and joy.

Kelly is based in Malaga, Spain and offers individual coaching, group programs, workshops, and seasonal retreats in the area. You can find out more about Kelly and her work here kellywojtaszek.com.


I hired Kelly as my coach because I was tired, frustrated, anxious and TOO busy! I needed help to sort what my life had become and learn how to make it more simple. After working with Kelly I was consistently making more “white space” in my calendar for rest and things I enjoyed doing. I started to say “no” more often to things that were not in alignment with the work I wanted to do and put myself and my needs first. With Kelly’s coaching and mentoring I had much less fear with these changes because she stood by my side and held space for me!  -Jill J., Michigan

I didn’t even know what I desired when I started working with Kelly. But it emerged. And it will emerge for you too. Kelly is more than a coach. She’s a cheerleader, an accountability partner and deeply cares about making sure not one of us wastes our god given talents. She will help you uncover your authentic self, which is a priceless gift for which I am forever grateful. –Karryn, Michigan

Kelly is kind, generous, bright and intuitive. Her insight into the things I share constantly blows me away. There are things I didn’t think I could or would ever do, and as we’ve worked together I am doing those things, I feel such a sense of accomplishment and hope. I look forward to my sessions with Kelly and have greatly benefited from the tools she has shared with me as I try to navigate through the ups and downs of the changes in my life. She is dedicated, hard working and passionate about what she does and invested in who she works with. Kelly is the best! –Poorva, California

Kelly and I met through her group sessions and after several months of working with her, I felt that I needed more 1 on 1 attention. For each session she had topics she wanted to cover, but always allowed me to direct our time together to discuss what felt important to me. I so valued her ability to read between the lines of what I was saying and to make sure we honed in on what the greater issue was. She is all about small, practical tips and tricks that, together, really make an impact the changes I wanted to create.  I truly appreciate her genuine interest in my well-being, as well as all that she taught me. –Claire, Michigan

Working with Kelly was empowering, validating, and comforting. She always made me feel at ease in our conversations. There was always a good balance of her letting me speak (and cry!) freely, and her asking more concrete and structured questions to guide our conversations. After each session, I felt like I had made progress, and I was able to start to visualize where I had been, where I was at that moment, and where I wanted to go. Speaking to Kelly was like having an emotional cup of tea. I always felt better after each session. I am so grateful! -Blythe, France

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